ScienceBrief on flood risks

The ScienceBrief on extreme rainfall and floods is now published on

ScienceBrief on flood risks

The Brief on "Climate change increases extreme rainfall and the risk of floods" has just been published with over 50 research papers linked so far, showing clear consensus on this topic.

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This Brief describes the impact that climate change has had, or may have in the future, on extreme rainfall and river flooding.

Rising global average temperatures mean more moisture is held in the atmosphere and is available to fall as rain. Observations indicate that in recent decades more rain is falling as heavy rainfall in many locations. This has led to an increased risk of floods occurring, or more severe flooding.

In the future flooding is projected to worsen in some regions, though climate model uncertainty can be large. To read the ScienceBrief on Flooding click here.

Scientists are invited to contribute new papers and interpretations here.