New ScienceBriefs published

New ScienceBriefs published

ScienceBrief has published three new Briefs in the COP26 topic: Critical Issues in Climate Change Science. These cover heatwaves, extreme rainfall and floods, and Arctic warming.

The three new Briefs review the latest cutting-edge science in relation to the impacts of climate change on extreme weather. To read a concise overview of these topics, click the links above.

However, in order that these Briefs continue to develop, scientists from research institutions around the world, are invited to contribute their latest papers that help to explain the issues mentioned within each Brief.

The impacts of climate change are being felt all around the world, with some regions experiencing greater changes than others. ScienceBrief helps to identify global and regional changes, as well as identify examples where the probability of climate change impacts, historically or in the future, can be seen to have altered due to climate change. Something known as climate change attribution.

Watch out for ScienceBriefs covering new subjects in the coming weeks!