ScienceBrief on heatwaves

The ScienceBrief on Heatwaves and extreme temperatures is now published on

ScienceBrief on heatwaves

The Brief on "Climate Change increases the frequency of heatwaves and extreme temperatures causing widespread impacts" has just been published with over 75 papers linked so far, showing high consensus on this topic.

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This Brief looks at the latest research describing the impacts that rising temperatures and extreme heat have had on different regions of the earth, including marine heatwaves in the ocean.

Impacts include ecological damage, such as coral bleaching, food and water stress for plants, animals and humans, as well as increased heat stress on human health.  

Future projections indicate that heatwave conditions could become increasingly frequent and more extreme. To read the ScienceBrief on Heatwaves and extreme temperatures click here.

Scientists are invited to contribute new papers and interpretations here.